Newgrounds Rocks!

2014-02-28 19:56:18 by Jenjamik

Really been feeling the Newgrounds love, lately! Huge thanks to Tom, the NG staff, and every user including YOU. 

A doodle to celebrate!


Also, my Tumblr is --- That's where I've been posting stuff for the last couple years during animation school, cause I didn't have time to make cartoons for NG.

Expect more art and cartoons from me in the nearish future!


2012-04-11 12:37:01 by Jenjamik

Sup dudes! This is what I've been up to for the last year.

I swear I'll do something just for NG this summer!


Heyo, I fixed a few things in the movie and added some bits to make it slightly more entertaining! Now there's:
More violence
More breaking stuff
More wavy light waving
Check it out, dawg.
Let me know what you think, especially if you hate the changes.

And this is what's next in store!:

I have no idea. I didn't expect this to be as well received as it was, so now I feel pressure to actually make something good. I don't intend to make a sequel in the near future, because I don't wanna be "that guy what makes them zelda beatboxing jiggers" ... Link's Barrel Beat IN SPACE, anybody?

I'm trying to decide between starting a WEENERDOG series, or some other series with original characters/setting. I really want to voice act.

Or Quote and Megaderp!


Barrel Beat Update! And what now?