Entry #3

Newgrounds Rocks!

2014-02-28 19:56:18 by Jenjamik

Really been feeling the Newgrounds love, lately! Huge thanks to Tom, the NG staff, and every user including YOU. 

A doodle to celebrate!


Also, my Tumblr is http://jake-clark.tumblr.com/ --- That's where I've been posting stuff for the last couple years during animation school, cause I didn't have time to make cartoons for NG.

Expect more art and cartoons from me in the nearish future!


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2014-03-01 02:11:20

Meh, people don't like me on here.

So yeah.

Jenjamik responds:

I like you


2014-03-01 06:44:10


Jenjamik responds:



2014-03-01 11:34:09

Newgrounds does rock! :)

Jenjamik responds:

NG 4 Life


2014-03-01 11:34:46

BTW great animations, I gave you a favorite!

Jenjamik responds:

Thanks yo


2014-03-01 13:09:10

Great work man! Looking forward to seeing more from you on here! Nice Tumblr btw, super funny. :)

Jenjamik responds:

Thanks dude


2014-03-05 12:33:59

How come Link's Barrel Beat doesn't have adverts all of a sudden?

Jenjamik responds:

I think I messed it up by moving some folders around... and it wouldn't generate much more revenue even if it were working... might fix it soon though since you asked about it hahah.


2014-03-06 08:51:42

so it was you who made ''madness arena'' long ago...i remember when it came out...good times

Jenjamik responds:

Wow you remember that? Nice haha!


2014-03-15 15:08:37

I found a version ripped from here and uploaded to another site http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/bf5835f5936611ed5436171a683428a7


2014-03-15 15:16:08

where did you get that preloader anyway? I could only ever get the default one

Jenjamik responds:

There's a bunch here: http://www.newgrounds.com/downloads/preloaders/

But for the one with the ads, I think you get it when you go through the Newgrounds Ad process


2014-10-14 23:07:39

What happened to Madness Wraith bro? it looked amazing!


2015-02-22 12:58:01

Came a long way since Madnuss.

Jenjamik responds:

Haha hey Alpha!!! Thanks man